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Our History

In 1911 The Lindsay Kiwanis Club, under the vigorous sponsorship of lawyer Thomas Stinson, initially organized the Santa Claus Stocking fund of Lindsay.  Initially the program was designed to give Christmas food baskets to the poor and there were many in such circumstances.

In 1975, the Directors of the fund then sought a special resolution, whereas the Company wished to change its name from the Santa Claus Stocking Fund of Lindsay to the Santa Claus Stocking Fund of Victoria County.  This resolution was completed on June 6, 1975.

Over the years, however, the fund has evolved from giving Christmas baskets to its present program of giving much needed dollars at Christmas to families throughout the town of Lindsay, County of Victoria and now the City of Kawartha Lakes.

One of the founding members of the Santa Claus Stocking Fund was the former premier of Ontario, Leslie M. Frost.

The Santa Claus Stocking Fund is an incorporated charitable organization that is managed through a volunteer board of directors.  The commitment of the voluntary board has kept administrative costs to a minimum with over 95% of donations directly benefiting the children of our community! This is done through the generous donations of community minded individuals, local businesses, service clubs, social agencies, organizations and Estate bequests who bring the spirit of community and the message of hope to children whose families are in financial need.









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